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Are you now ready to start your job search? For some of us who have not looked for a job in the last ten years or so we have a lot to learn. I was amazed at how much I have to do before I could jump in and start my job search. Since so much has changed from ten years or so ago, I learned that this has to be managed like a project.

I have been going to networking meetings on a regular basis. I was glad that I did, otherwise, I would have been at a loss or stumbling through the process of getting myself ready for a successful job search. When my group came up with a list of things we all should have, my head was spinning. I realized that looking for a job is going to be a full time job and it requires that I do some work upfront. So what's involved? I learned I must have or do the following:

1. Marketing Plan - overall snapshot of your objective or goal, how you sell yourself to prospective employers and specific industries you are interested in.

2. Business card. Job seekers must have a business card. Your business card should have the position or job title that is reflective of your prior work and what you want as your future position. It should give enough information on your specific area of expertise. This will enable the receiver to help you as they will have an understanding of your skills and experience and what you are looking for.

Having a business card is a must. There are a lot of places even online where you can get a professional looking business card. Don't be afraid to spend money on this one. I know we are all watching our expenditure since money is tight. I struggle with making decision on whether each of my expenditures is absolutely necessary. I say business card is a necessary tool in your job search that is well worth buying.

3. Resume - It is your sales brochure giving an overview of your past experience, your expertise and what you can provide to your prospective employer.

4. Knowledge of online job boards and search engines

5. Networking group (Social and/or professional)
Having a networking group is critical in your job search. For me, joining a networking group provided me with a support system. I met so many people just like me searching for new job opportunities. They are always there to listen to my elevator speech, to help me prepare and practice for an upcoming interview, offered friendship and camaraderie. If you haven't been networking, I urge you to find the right group to join. Joining a group that met on a regular basis provided me the structure I needed and forced me to get out of the house. Through my networking group, I met so many people who were very helpful in my job search and have become good friends.

Of course the list above is not all exhaustive. This will give you an idea how to get started and I will address the different areas above in the next couple of pages.

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