Plan B: Youngevity, Another Business Opportunity

Youngevity, a Health and Wellness company, is another business opportunity that I recently explored and became a part of. This is a company that can help you get healthy, save money , and create wealth.

Youngevity was founded by a biomedical research pioneer, Dr. Joel D. Wallach, DVM, ND. He spent more than 40 years in the field of Veterinary Medicine, observing and researching the effects of individual nutrients on animal health, before becoming a Naturopathic Physician in 1982. Today, Dr. Wallach is renowned for his groundbreaking research on the health benefits of selenium and other minerals. He currently dedicates his time to lecturing throughout the world on the therapeutic benefits of vitamins and minerals, and on lobbying the U.S. Food and Drug Administration on behalf of the dietary supplement industry.

As a researcher at the Emory University Yerkes National Primate Center in Atlanta, Georgia in 1977, Dr. Wallach discovered the world’s first known case of non-human cystic fibrosis in a selenium-deficient Rhesus monkey. At the time, cystic fibrosis was believed to the result of a human genetic disorder. Dr. Wallach’s monumental discovery set him on a 20-year path of research on the health benefits of selenium and other minerals. As a result of this work, he became known as The Mineral Doctor and the Father of Liquid Mineral Supplementation.

Learn more about Dr. Wallach here.

Youngevity is a network marketing leader providing high quality, innovative, and unique products to health conscious consumers. When you are healthy, you save yourself from having to pay exorbitant amount of money for doctor's fees, prescription drugs, hospital bills, etc. Here in the US the statistics show that only 1 in 10,000 will live to age 100. We are 60th for life expectancy and 41st in infant mortality. So it is no wonder we need to pay more attention to our health. Without good health, we will have a difficult time creating financial stability.

According to Dr. Linus Pauling, a two-time Nobel Prize winner, "You can trace every disease and every ailment to a mineral deficiency." It is not what we eat that kills us. It is what we don't eat or what is missing in our diet that kills us.

This is where Youngevity products will help ensure that you get the much needed complete multi-vitamin mineral complex that your body needs. With hundreds of products supporting a healthy cardiovascular, immune and digestive system, healthy bone and joints, anti aging, etc., Youngevity is a company that can propel you into a new career in the field of health and wellness and put you into financial independence.

Youngevity is changing the way you look at HealthCare with the 90 for Life Vision, Mission & Crusade... The days of simply treating symptoms of disease will be a thing of the past as we all educate ourselves on the REAL Answers to Longevity...Youngevity! Dr. Joel Wallach's Preventive Maintenance approach targets the Root Causes of disease, thereby not just putting a Band-Aid so to speak on the Warning Lights that our bodies give us as signals. Imagine that your oil light came on your dash-board of your car... Would you just pull out the fuse to the light or cover it with a Ban-Aid? No... You would add oil... the Root Cause of the Light being on! This is Dr. Wallach's ingenious, extraordinary, but simple approach. So simple that a lot people are missing it.

I urge you to check Youngevity and find out what the company is all about, how it can change your life for the better by providing you the opportunity to self-employment. It is time for all of us to make a choice. Do you explore ways to make yourself gainfully employed or would you rather depend upon corporate America to give you a job? The choice is yours.

As you can see these are just three examples of business you can explore so you can be on your path to self-employment. I believe the key here is to assess your skills, talent, interests and most of all what makes you excited that you look forward to doing it every day and how you can leverage these into a business for yourself.

These three business opportunities I am associated with are just examples of what are out there. I am sure there are a lot of business opportunities available to anyone who wants to pursue self-employment such as franchise business to network marketing to consulting.

Once you know what it is and what you want to do, here are some resources to help you:

Small Business Administration

It is up to you to find one that meets your interest and passion wherein you can apply your skills, knowledge, and ability. By doing something you love, you will stand a good chance for a successful and fulfilling endeavor.

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