Your Health and Well Being Determine Your Success in Finding a Job

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Your health and well-being will make or break you. We know it is never easy to lose a job, to just jump right back and easily find another one especially in today's economic condition. Yet we can make our transition smoother by being prepared and paying attention to our health, attitude, and frame of mind.

I personally think that at this stage, it is paramount we focus on keeping ourselves healthy, how we feel and think, and how these reflect on others. As we go through all the necessary steps, be it networking, going for informational meeting, interview, etc., our state of mind and how we feel will be projected and most of the time unconsciously.

If we feel angry or stressed, we sometimes unconsciously project this by our words, expression, and body language. To be successful in our job search, it is important that we project positive, upbeat, confident image.

Aside from the technical skills and competencies that employers want you to have, they also look at someone who is the right "fit" for the organization. Being the right "fit" for the organization means to me having the chemistry to blend well with the rest of the people you will be working with.

The next time you read a job posting, pay attention to the other attributes they are looking for. For example, I came across one job posting in which they are looking for a "high energy" candidate.

Another employer is looking for a candidate who can promote positive working environment. To do that, you should have a positive attitude that will resonate with others and affect your ability to successfully influence others.

These demonstrate the importance of how we project ourselves and others' perception of us can determine if we are the right candidate for the job. Others' perception leads to success or failure of our job search.

By focusing in our state of mind and feelings, we can be better prepared to successfully cope with challenges we face in these trying times to beat unemployment.

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