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Have you ever heard of SendOutCards? I didn't know about SendOutCards until one day, I received an evite for a SendOutCards business opportunity get together from one of my former co-workers at her house. That night, I was introduced to a company called SendOutCards. I was intrigued by the company and the business opportunity it offers. Besides that, I love creating my own personalized cards using the pictures I took on different occasions!

I did my research to learn more about the company, their products, and their compensation system before I jumped in. The company's products and mission resonated with me.

I love the products and I believe in the mission. I love the idea of acting on one's prompting to send out heartfelt thought and to reach out to others in kindness through greeting cards. I believe that what we send out is what we get back and I believe in a world of positivity. This is what SendOutCards is all you know why I am passionate about it.

I am glad I took the opportunity because this led me to the path of self-employment. It allowed me to work for myself at my own pace and time even if I choose to go back to the corporate world. SendOutCards provides an opportunity for retirees and stay at home moms or dads to supplement or generate some income.

Here is some information about SendOutCards that made me decide to be a part of this great organization:

  • Founded in 2003

  • Over $32 million revenue in 2008

  • It is a greeting card company that allows subscribers to create and customize traditional print greeting cards online. SendOutCards will print, stuff, stamp, and deliver the card to the recipient. It is an effective referral system for business owners and marketing professionals to develop,maintain, and promote positive relationship with customers thus building lifetime value for their business. Aside from the greeting cards, SendOutCards has other products such as gift certificates from well- known retailers and restaurants like Wallmart, Home Depot, Starbucks, Marie Callender, and Outback; cookies, books, and chocolates that you can buy and send with your greeting cards..

    I recently attended a workshop led by Brad Sugars from ActionCOACH. Brad talked about one of the ways to retain your valued customer is to say Thank You. It is a very simple gesture but how many of you actually do it?

    SendOutCards has a referral system that will allow you to continually connect with your customers.

    What referral system do you use? If you don't have one, check out SendOutCards. For a very reasonable investment, you can have an effective relationship building and referral system to promote, develop, and retain customers.

  • SendOutCards’ mission is to help millions of people act on their promptings everyday, and to create a means for everyone to achieve their dreams and goals. It provides an opportunity to anyone to work for himself or herself towards financial independence.

  • Each year, the Inc. 500 list is published featuring the fastest-growing private companies in America. SendOutCards was not only featured on the list, but was highlighted as number 13 in its industry (Consumer Products & Services) and number 8 in the “Best of the Websites” category.

    To put things into perspective, there are more than 27 million businesses registered in the US currently and it was featured as number 158 on the list which tells me that this is a growing and solid company.

  • SendOutCards provides an opportunity for anyone to have a business in other countries at a very reasonable start up cost. Aside from having a business in the US, one has an opportunity to expand business in UK, Singapore, and Australia. You can even have an online storefront like mine. Check this out!

    I invite you to create an absolutely free and with no obligations account to check out the business opportunity to create a Plan B for yourself with SendOutCards. Send a heartfelt message to someone you have lost touch with. Send a thank you card to someone who had done a good job or to your favorite customer for all the business he/she had given you. See what this business is all about and what it can do for you personally and your business.

    Many entrepreneurial endeavors happened because one is willing to consider, take a look, respond favorably, and remain open-minded to possibilities.

    You’ll never know if this business opportunity is right and will work for you as well if you don’t check it out.

Are you working towards implementing your Plan B? Are you open to possibilities? Will you embrace new opportunity towards financial freedom? If you are, join me at SendOutCards.

With the end of the federal unemployment extension on December 29, 2012, how many of you are prepared to consider self-employment? This holiday season is a good time to check our SendOut cards opportunity and at the same time touch and make someone feel special by sending an absolutely free greeting card. This is a win win situation for all parties.

Do you have family members or friends serving abroad? Now is a good time to send out a free greeting card to them. So why not get going? Please go to SendOutCards and give it a try.

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