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Continuing with my story and my search for passion and my "why", I am in some ways grateful that I was forced to take the time to really understand where I am going.

Being out of work gave me the opportunity to spend as much time with my daughter while I actively look for other options to earn a living. I even jokingly tell my family I spent so much time on the beach this summer that I had more than made up for all the lost summers I spent working on corporate projects. As you can see from the pictures below, this is why some people think layoff is an unexpected blessing...

Warm summer day at the beach in San Diego.....

Seriously though, it is important for anyone who lost their jobs to really take the time to understand your passion. Passion is what makes you feel the fire in your belly. It is what makes you excited when you get up in the morning because you are passionate about your work and you love doing it. It stems from knowing and understanding what you are here for in this world and following what your heart tells you to do.

Being laid off gave me some time to reflect and determine what I want to do and accomplish. This soul-searching led me to the idea of self-employment even if I find a full time job. What can I do to leverage my 20 + years experience as a Human Resources professional?

During the early part of my job search, I was in my networking group meeting and saw so many faces desperately trying to make sense the loss of their jobs. So many are at a loss or simply just overwhelmed with the need to have all sorts of information to deal with their unemployed status. They are searching for information that is so critical if they were to survive unemployment.

So an idea came to my mind one day to create a website where I can put my knowledge and experience to use, and help people who are in transition find the resources or information they need in one place.

As I was surfing the Internet, I stumbled upon Solo Build It and read other people’s experience and successes with it. So here I am today with this website that enables me to share my knowledge with so many people.

It is my hope that I will reach and help as many people as I can go through this new journey with me and find our rightful place on this earth.

I know someday, I will join those SBIers who successfully built their own business using Solo Build It. By taking this first step towards financial independence, I can have time for my family, and be able to live my life on my own terms, without limitation, and the way I envision it. This is my WHY.

What about you? I urge you to find out what are you so passionate about and find your own "WHY".

Your journey will be so much easier, fun and rewarding when you find your PASSION and your "WHY".

For my family, I am definitely moving on. I choose to face the bright light and look to the future!!! I wish you all the best as you open a new chapter in your life!

How about you? What is your story? Share with us here.

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